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Monday, September 23, 2013

P-Day E-mail September 23, 2013

Friends and Family 
I have to tell you guys an awesome thing!! 

JASON  ( Kayla's step dad!) IS GETTING BAPTIZED! ON SEP. 29th! 
I am so happy!!! Last night we had dinner with the Lorance's at the Crockett's (member) home. We watched the Restoration DVD. The spirit was so strong! The whole family was there except the youngest (Jasper) he was home with grandma ( cool story about grandma. Cheryl is her name she asked Sister Davis and I if she could  go to Dana's and Kayla's class. she said " I think I want to start coming back to church." We were stunned but so happy! Cheryl hasn't been to church for over 15 years. We quickly told her of course you can!)
 Back to the story. The spirit was strong during the movie.  Sister Davis was entertaining Jacob.  I felt the spirit very strong, I knew that the spirit was testifying to me that this gospel really has been restored to this earth!  Afterwards, Bishop Betteridge and his son Caleb showed up to home teach the Crockett's. (Heavenly Father knew that all of us needed to be there.)  After the movie Sister Davis smoothly took the seat by Jason and I moved behind them to entertain Jacob! We were able to invite Jason to be baptized, the spirit was so strong!  I know Heavenly Father really helped Sister Davis and I know what to do to bring the spirit into the lesson.  It worked out perfectly-It was AMAZING!  President Weaver said " This month lets have the perfect storm." I found out what that meant yesterday. So many things came together to make the perfect storm last night.
Sisters from the Tacoma Zone at Zion's Camp. Rachel is in the back!
 I can't believe I have been out (on Thursday..park day eek!) 3 months! Time is flying by and at the same time going by so slow! I need to do what my journal says "happiness is found along the journey". I'm trying to do what my plaque scripture says " Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not to thy own understanding." There is a song that I heard last transfer its called "Open My Mouth." I love that song! its about opening your mouth and testifying what you know is true. I'm working on it. Another song is " Don't Give up." I have loved when this song has come on. It seems to come on when I needed it mos. I LOVE personal study! I cherish it! 
Zion's Camp is a church owned camp in Washington
Zions' camp was awesome,  did a rope's course. Loved it!  The drive was good too, I'll send a few pics on the drive up. Highlight was the bridge! and I saw so many MORE trees!! :)   I'm so excited I have a training this Wednesday, I go see the broadcast Saturday night, have a Baptism Sunday night, then P-day, and then Transfer meeting, then General Conference! I'm so excited for General Conference!!!! How you guys preparing for Conference? 
Saturday Sister Davis puked twice. I felt so bad! She is optimistic though. Even when she is sick. She hasn't puked since Saturday she received a blessing. She has a cold and Bronchitis that never went away when she got it a couple months ago. She is a bit better today, less congested.   I Love Sister Davis. Well time is up. I love you so much! I hope you have a great week! 
Read your Scriptures
Say your Prayers
Share with me anything interesting  you have learned!
Sister Rachel M. Fabis

P.S. K,  pix will have to be next week.  I'm out of time! We got here at 10. leaving at 11:30 .  We are going to get mail! It's crazy the next time I go get mail, it might be the last time getting it from the mission office. CRAZY thought.  I keep telling myself "Change is good." Love you bunches!!! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Pictures! Transfer 1

Gross Jellyfish!

Love Sister Packard!

Beautiful Sunset

Thanks for the shirt Mom!

Pictures! MTC

Sister Miller and I on our way to class!
We finally got Rachel's memory Card!
Blue Gatorade!!!!!!!

My District

Marriot Center Fireside!

Goofing Around in the Dorm

Love time out of the classroom!

Love my Comp!

P-Day E-mail Septemer 16, 2013

Do you like the pictures?!
     This week is Zion's Camp. It's going to be so fun! It's this Thursday I get to wear jeans and play games.  President is doing it in Zones we are praying that it won't be rainy.  I'm so excited!!!
I have no idea who this Siste is, but she is a cutie!
I love exchanges!!! I went with Sister Wilkins and Sister Dean.  Oh, love them so much!  I'm feeling good and continuing to feast upon the words of Christ 2 Nephi 2 (I think verse 23?)   Being steadfast and having a perfect brightness of hope.  A few weeks ago Dad gave me that scripture to read. Helped me so much.
(I had asked Rachel about music and her mission.  They seem to sing alot, more than I ever did)
Yes! My mission is very into music! At Zone Conference we sang songs and it helped and touched me a lot.  I needed to feel the spirit much more that day. Sister Weaver is very into music. President Weaver is too.  Not quite as much as Sister Weaver-but I love it! I will be singing at a fireside, I'm not sure when.

(I served my mission pretty much during the same time of year  almost 25 years ago.  She asks me to write stories or excerpts from my mission journal in my letters.  I had taught my first family in September of 1987)
Rachel with a Sister from her MTC District
I loved your mission story. I find ways to relate and how I can improve and be a better missionary. I am reading with my mission the Book of Mormon. We are on page 80.  I received a blessing last week -it was amazing! I was instructed to study the atonement. I have ignored the prompting to study the atonement, I don't know why, but I listened after that blessing. Now every night before bed I tell Heavenly Father my personal study plan and ask him to help guide me to change what I need to. I have done so much more praying this transfer-OK, actually a ton. It's good.  I'm grateful to be getting closer to having a better relationship with him.   
I miss you all but I know that if I had the option to leave tomorrow to come home, I wouldn't. I love striving to be the best I can be.  Always learning and seeking to gain more knowledge, work on my weaknesses, find my spiritual talents, and get to know my brother Jesus Christ better than I hope to imagine. Christ is my perfect example -I'm going to follow.
I love you
Have a Fabulous week!

Monday, September 9, 2013

P-Day E-mail September 9, 2013

John and his Wife Ping and Rachel
Missionary Moments,

     Last Wednesday was Zone Conference. It was a spiritual boost!  One thing I want to share is that I learned that we need to live the higher law of charity. I can't wait to study more about charity.  I love personal study in the morning. It’s the best part of my morning!  After Zone Conference Sister Davis & I went to Menchies it was fun!

      Thursday morning was the perfect missionary morning. I did everything on time. I am still on track with reading 5 pages a day with my mission. I love that. After lunch we went to Jason's family's house and talked with them and told them about Stake Conference this weekend.  After we went to see the Had Family. Such a sweet family!  They will be moving and I hope we can help them pack. SERVICE opportunity !

     While knocking doors, we ran into Jessie. He was so funny he pretended to not to be a member.  It was the funniest thing ever!  He wasn't sure if he is going on a mission.  The next day we ran into him again. We asked how he was doing.  I read him Ether 12:27 I testified and shared my testimony. Sister Davis bore her's too. That was a cool missionary moment.

     On Saturday I read 1 Nephi 16:29 " by small means the lord can bring about great things."  I want to bear you my testimony that Heavenly Father is aware of what we are going through. He wants to help us he just needs to hear us ask and tell him what we are feeling. Heavenly Father won't leave us.

     While serving here I realize some things about beauty.  Being beautiful isn't a pretty face, it’s the light you see when you look into a person's eyes. You see how beautiful they are inside. Being beautiful inside makes you beautiful outside.  Everyday in this crazy world they say buy this new mascara make your eyes more beautiful, buy this new skirt it will make you beautiful. Those things are temporal. They won't make you feel happy for long. I have seen true beauty here.

  This week, I want to challenge you to look inside yourself and see what your weakness are. Read Ether 12:27 and write down some things that are bringing you down.  After writing them down and pondering. Ask Heavenly Father to help you.  He wants to hear from you he will help you in HIS WAY AND TIMING. Heavenly Father knows best. He loves every one of you! I love you too!  Remember you are never alone.


Have a great week!

Love you!

Sister Fabis