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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Letter home 10/14/2013 recieved 10/18/2013

I Love this Girl!  She said in an e-mail when I sent her this picture "Any style I ever had is gone now!  There is no time for make-up or curly hair :0("  I told her I never thought she looked more beautiful than she looks in this picture-I truly ment that too!  (Hey did you notice her new dimple?  You can see it good in this picture, she did not have that before she left...

"I am doing great! That stye in my eye is almost completely gone.  I loved seeing the pictures from Music and the spoken word, you all look great-I'm so glad Grandpa got to go!
Steven, Becca, My Dad, and I at Music & the Spoken Word 10/13/2013
This week we have been building our teaching pool and doing more build your faith visits.  We taught Ashley the Restoration this last week and are going back tomorrow to teach her the Plan of Salvation.  We also taught a lesson with a member family friend, her name is Naomi, we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  I am sooooo grateful when Sister Jumonville and I get to teach.  I excited for this next week!  We are working Hard!  I Love Ya-I am doing just fine!  Thanks for your love and support!  Talk to you next week"


Letter home 10/7/2013 recieved 10/12/2013


Rachel's new place in Olympia

Rachel LOVES red, so she was tickled with the new car
Rachel's time on the computer has been limited in this new area so she has been sending home letters for the past few weeks....

"I'll start answering your questions first today, My new companion is Sister Jumaonville.  Her first name is Retta and she is from McPherson, Kansas.  Dad, I thought she went to school at UVU but she was at the University of Utah.  I told her you did your PhD there.  She has been out almost 6 months.  She is a visa waiter, like Sister Dean.  She will be going to BRAZIL!!!!! Mom, I have heard her read her scriptures in Portuguese-it's so cool!  I pray that she will get her visa soon so she can serve where she was called (ok, I admit I am praying she doesn't get it until after this transfer-selfish, I know, But I really like her... )  She will be turning 21 on the 30th of this month and we have already decided that I will make her a carrot cake (she loves it just like Daddy does!) But I am going to use a mix;0) Ha Ha!

My apartment is a townhome, there is so much room!  I have my own bathroom, a big closet, and a DESK I love it, the only problem is it is dark and doesn't have a ton of light so it can be hard to study in some places. 

I am serving in the Olympia 3rd Ward in the Olympia Zone.  I am expecting to be here for two transfers at the least.  Transfer meeting was wonderful and it was fun to see Sister Logan again.  This first week has flown by, we met Darcie one of our new investigators on Tuesday night, then on Wednesday we pulled weeds for service and met our first couple in the ward.  I shared a message about trusting in the Lord.  They have a daughter that was at BYU-idaho and a son  that is waiting for a visa so Sister Jumonville and I had alot in common to talk with them about.  This is the SMALLEST area. It is ALL residential, no fast food, gas, or stores-it's so weird not to see any people during the day out on the street.  They are either in cars or in houses.  The teaching pool is small too, but President said that if we focus on bringing members and missionaries together we will fill that teaching pool right up.  So we are working hard and visiting members giving "Build you Faith" visits which are 15 minutes long and share a message to get them thinking about missionary work-We could use your prayers! Love You!"

Monday, October 7, 2013

Make up Posts for P-day E-mails September 30th and October 7th 2013

At Zion's Camp
At Zion's Camp

Sorry Everyone,
I got a bit behind. I haven't been feeling well and Rachel has been sending VERY short e-mails with very little information, other than I LOVE YOU!  Which is great to hear- I can't lie:0)
I made some stationary for Rachel and her Companion. (It is so hard to find cute stationary these days, I guess nobody writes letters anymore)  I was pretty proud of myself, I just bought the fun paper and envelopes and printed the rest on the computer. 
First Baptism!  Rachel was so grateful she was able to be there!
I am so happy yesterday was one of the busiest days but very rewarding.
I am so happy for Jason and the convents he has made. So cool!!
Tomorrow I will be heading to Olympia! 3rd ward. I'm excited! my companion will be Sister Jumonville.
I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Fabis
Sister Jumonville and Rachel on Transfer Day October 1, 2013

I like Sister Jumonville, I really do. She and I are getting along like we're ready for an awesome transfer. She is a visa waiter!!!! I 'm going to have you wait...she is going to the coolest place and speaking the coolest language ever! I have heard her read and speak I love it!! ;) Hint: You LOVE LOVE LOVE this area! :) love you tons! have a great day