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Monday, October 7, 2013

Make up Posts for P-day E-mails September 30th and October 7th 2013

At Zion's Camp
At Zion's Camp

Sorry Everyone,
I got a bit behind. I haven't been feeling well and Rachel has been sending VERY short e-mails with very little information, other than I LOVE YOU!  Which is great to hear- I can't lie:0)
I made some stationary for Rachel and her Companion. (It is so hard to find cute stationary these days, I guess nobody writes letters anymore)  I was pretty proud of myself, I just bought the fun paper and envelopes and printed the rest on the computer. 
First Baptism!  Rachel was so grateful she was able to be there!
I am so happy yesterday was one of the busiest days but very rewarding.
I am so happy for Jason and the convents he has made. So cool!!
Tomorrow I will be heading to Olympia! 3rd ward. I'm excited! my companion will be Sister Jumonville.
I hope you all have a great week!
Sister Fabis
Sister Jumonville and Rachel on Transfer Day October 1, 2013

I like Sister Jumonville, I really do. She and I are getting along like we're ready for an awesome transfer. She is a visa waiter!!!! I 'm going to have you wait...she is going to the coolest place and speaking the coolest language ever! I have heard her read and speak I love it!! ;) Hint: You LOVE LOVE LOVE this area! :) love you tons! have a great day

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