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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Letter home 10/14/2013 recieved 10/18/2013

I Love this Girl!  She said in an e-mail when I sent her this picture "Any style I ever had is gone now!  There is no time for make-up or curly hair :0("  I told her I never thought she looked more beautiful than she looks in this picture-I truly ment that too!  (Hey did you notice her new dimple?  You can see it good in this picture, she did not have that before she left...

"I am doing great! That stye in my eye is almost completely gone.  I loved seeing the pictures from Music and the spoken word, you all look great-I'm so glad Grandpa got to go!
Steven, Becca, My Dad, and I at Music & the Spoken Word 10/13/2013
This week we have been building our teaching pool and doing more build your faith visits.  We taught Ashley the Restoration this last week and are going back tomorrow to teach her the Plan of Salvation.  We also taught a lesson with a member family friend, her name is Naomi, we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  I am sooooo grateful when Sister Jumonville and I get to teach.  I excited for this next week!  We are working Hard!  I Love Ya-I am doing just fine!  Thanks for your love and support!  Talk to you next week"


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