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Monday, August 26, 2013

P-day E-mail-August 26, 2013

Saying Good-bye to Sister Logan on Transfer Day!

Dear friends and family,

Last Monday was Sister Logan and my last p-day. It was awesome got to see Sister Logan play her favorite. sport. SOCCER! so fun playing soccer with everyone. I took pictures.  It was good. I enjoyed every minute.

Tuesday-TRANSFER DAY-  Had ups and downs. I was so down in the dumps because Sister Logan was leaving. I helped her pack, and everything was going good- but I have to say the highlight of that day wasn't getting a HUG from her- it was her freaking out about a huge spider! ha ha. I love her! I'll miss killing spiders for her. ;/  I was exhausted by the end of the night. Sister Davis is my new companion. We had dinner with the Farrington's. Sister Farrington is one of the sweetest people I have met. She is married. She is so strong. When I left I made a mental note to bring chocolate ice cream for her birthday tomorrow. I love her. 
Wednesday-Was good. Studied. Went and saw Dana and Kayla and Jason and his wife so they could meet Sister Davis. Went to the Bishop's house to introduce Sister Davis.
Thursday-We went and saw a lady named Jane. I thought she wanted to learn about the restoration - boy we were in for a suprise. Jane really just wanted to compare religions. We did our best, and Sister Davis made her realize that we weren't going to join her church. Sister Davis kindly said that if she took our invitation to read the Book of Mormon and had questions to give us a call. That was a moment I will never forget-Eye opening for me. 
Friday-Went to Dana and Kayla's to teach the whole family the plan of salvation. Went really well. They had questions at the end and we are going back very soon to answer those questions the best we can. Tried to set up appointment with a girl named Amber she was asleep. We'll try to get her again later.
Saturday- Was a good day. We called Ted a new new contact to see when he wanted to go to the Family History Center to do genealogy work for his family. Had dinner with Leslie- I love her. Sister Davis loved her too. Shared a message about being in tune with the spirit. ( At district meeting we learned about being in tune and removing the radio's and walls so you can always have the spirit with you.) She loved it. Took pizza home. I have ranch waiting at home so I was happy.
HIGHLIGHT OF THE WHOLE WEEK!!!! you ready?! I hope you are!
SUNDAY August 25th- Meetings went good. Austin and Andrew and Alexis ( there mom is Alexis.) came to church!!! Alexis hasn't been able to get a Sunday off to come to church because she works at a hospital. I was so happy to see them there. I talked with her for a long time. Ping and John's last Sunday was today. I was so sad, but so inspired and spiritually lifted up at their talks. Ping recent convert (July) is from China and its hard for her to speak English. When she bore her testimony I could hear and understand her completely. I was so grateful for her willingness to stand up, I knew how scared she was. John, her husband, spoke about spiritual nourishment how we can nourish our bodies. nourish means to constantly keep going. keep reading scriptures, pray with quality not quantity! I loved that "Pray with quality not, quantity." That stuck out to me. I want to INVITE you to look in your life and see where you can improve. Don't  just plan. Make a plan then ACT on it! Easier said than done? I know. Get down on your knees and ask sincerely and tell your heavenly father your desires what you want to change, what you can do better. I promise he will answer. He has answered me in ways I didn't expect. 
The BEST part!
Sister Davis and I studied after church till 2:45 then went to dinner to the Taylor's (that is an awesome family) Around 4:30 we went to see Kerri. For those of you who don't know, Kerri has been investigating the church since this last February, I think. She comes to church every Sunday. attends the activities. When we were talking small talk and there was a pause, Sister Davis said " Kerri have you thought more about baptism." she said "yes".  I felt prompted and reminded to ask Kerri how the reading the assignment Sister Logan and I gave her was going.  I was scared to ask but, I wanted to know if she had read so I asked her " Kerri did you read?" She hesitated. " I couldn't read all of it. I read some if it.  I read 1 Nephi chapters 1-5." She said that she noticed a change in her life. Things were going better for her. I said. " Kerri Heavenly Father wants to continually bless you. I am so proud of you reading and seeing that you are receiving blessings." she smiled and nodded. We asked what she thought about setting a date to be baptized. Kerri is On-Date for September 1st!!! This next Sunday!  I didn't start with her but I'm one of  MANY missionaries that helped get her where she is. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father to help her realize that the time is now to be BAPTIZED!

Highlights of this last week!
I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven!
"You need to show the lord how much you are willing to work before he will help you and help the people realize when they are ready to be baptized into the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints."
I hope all of you had a great week last week!
I hope you have a great week this week!
Sister Fabis 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

P-Day E-mail-August 19, 2013

Hi Everyone!
Here is a neat experience Rachel shared in her last letter...

"Sister Logan and I went to Kayla's house, a LARC (recent convert).  She is 12 her sister Dana is 13. Dana knows that the church is true and we are teaching her.  Jason, her dad, was outside with us. Kayla, Dana, Jason, Sister Logan and I. We were reading out of the book of Mormon 1 Nephi 9 and 10. I believe in chapter 10, it was about no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of god-intense stuff.  Jason's mom came outside, she was listening to what we were reading.  At the end she asked "It has been forever since I've been to church but what is the Holy Ghost?" After we told her we finished the chapter. We felt the spirit. When it was time to pray Kayla and Dana were fighting and trying to get the other one to say the prayer.  Jason volunteered. When he said " Amen" Sister Logan and I looked up at each other and smiled, it was a heartfelt prayer. He never has said a prayer with us and here is where the awesome part is-- His mom looked up and said "That was a special moment for me I have never in my life heard my son pray. That was a special moment."

"This week is transfers.  In 24 hours actually!  Sister Logan is going to Lacy. She was "born" in Olympia. Which is right next to Lacy. She is excited to be Sister Esplin's companion.  My Companion will be Sister Davis.  I am glad I can stay in this area with Sister Davis and continue working with our investigators."

Monday, August 12, 2013

E-mail August 12, 2013

The Awesome Shawcroft Family
Hightlights of the Week!

Monday-"Mission BBQ! Best P-Day ever!"
"Totally accomplished the 2 goals Pres. and Sis. Weaver wanted us to achieve 1. Reconnect with Elders and Sisters we haven't seen since transfers and 2. Feel the Spirit.  Saw and talked with missionaries from my MTC district, ate yummy food, and felt the spirit when we sang our closing song "Amazing Grace".  A moment I won't forget"

Thursday-"So grateful to be able to do Missionary Work again!"
"...taught our twins "A" and "A" Lehi's Dream, they are ready to be baptized, their Dad is working on being able to do it. Looks like it will be in September!  I love those twins!  Went to see "J" helped her and her husband through a tough night"

Friday-"Good Study Day!"
"I enjoyed study today and Sister Logan said I did good on my role plays.  We went to the Ward BBQ and visited with some recent converts, also saw our beloved eternal investigator "K".  She said she wanted to attend the baptism that was the next day that the Elders were having-This is real progress!  We were so excited...then she texted us at 10PM and said "sorry I have to work" :0(

Saturday-"Day of Miracles!"
"Today was full of miracles!  "K" texted at 11AM she got someone to cover for her at work!  :0) She came to the church early for a church tour and then the baptism.  After, we had another church tour for the Father of one of our investigators, he said he didn't want to leave.  Went to 5 Guys for a mushroom cheeseburger with the awesome Shawcroft Family!"

Sunday-"1-2-3-4 Investigators at Church!"
"our investigator "K" came to church!  He had been trying to come for a couple of weeks so we had 4 investigators at church this week!  We also had 3 church tours."

It's so fun when the work goes well!

OUr ZoNe @ ThE Zoo August 12th
Rachel said that Camel tried to lick her face right after this Pic!
Just Me and the Birds

More Mission Wide BBQ Pictures August 5th

Rachel and Sister Logan

Sister Logan, President Weaver, and Rachel

Rachel, Sister Thompson (in Rachel's MTC district), Sister Thompson's Trainer, Sister Logan

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Letter Home- Sent August 5 Recieved August 9, 2013

Hi Mom,
I am so grateful for the package you sent me!  I didn't get a chance to answer your questions in the last e-mail so I will do that now.  I like when you send me questions.  It helps me to know what you want to know.
1.  Where do we live and who do we live with?
It's just me and Sister Logan in a small cottage at a Member's house.
2. How much time do I get on the computer and where do I go to use one?
I have 2 hours every P-day.  We got to the library to e-mail.
3.  Are we fed at a Member's Home everyday and do I have to cook for myself?
We have dinner every other day with a member.  We have Elders in our ward too so we rotate.  We have made some dinners at our apartment, like Chicken Alfredo-it was yummy!  For breakfast I usually eat cereal-Frosted Flakes:0)  I'm trying to find some other breakfast things to eat.  For lunch I just have a frozen dinner.  We hardly have anything in our apartment-it's ok though.
4.  Have we started the new church tour and computer program that was talked about on June 23rd?
I know facebook is being used in some missions in the world, but we haven't started that yet.  President Weaver is getting a new I-pad this month, which is exciting!  Church tours we have started.  We gave 2 tours this last week! We have a mission goal of 100!  We need to get more this week.
5. My Daily Schedule is:
6:30     Arise & Breakfast
7:00     Get Ready
8:00     Personal Study
9:00     Companionship Study
10:00    12 Week Program/ On Thursdays we do Weekly Planning
11:00    Lunch/ Except on Thursdays we do Weekly Planning til 12:00
After Lunch we go out to Preach the Word!
4:00     Dinner if we are eating with a Member, if not we keep     working and eat at 7
5:00     Finding-Meaning Tracking
8:00     Go see a LARC (Less Active or Recent Convert)
9:00     Daily Planning-What we did that day and Goals and plan for the next day
10:30   Bedtime
This past week I have had a sore throat, headache, and stomachache.  It kind of feels like when I had strep.  Sister Logan feels fine though.  Sister Weaver knows and might schedule an appointment at the Dr. if I don't feel better soon.  Hopefully, I'll get over this quickly.  I Love you all so much
Sister Fabis

Mission wide BBQ- August 5, 2013

Group of Sisters in the Mission.

Rachel and Sister Logan's last companion.

Rachel and Sister Logan at the Mission Office

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013-P-day Email

*Rachel told us she was having a very difficult time keeping caught up with her mail.  Almost everytime she writes she mentions that the computer time is cut short because of one activity or another.  And she is not able to write letters any other days except P-day. However she wanted me to post that she LOVES all the support she is recieving.  If she has not responded yet, she will. 

It rained on Friday, just a sprinkle. It was awesome!
This past week I didn't feel well on Thursday or Friday.  I felt like I had a fever.  I took an allergey pill and I felt much better.  I'm glad I feel well enough to go to the BBQ today.

On Wednesday we had a church tour! One of our invistigators "K' came -it went great.  He was going to come to church on Sunday, but he called and said he was at a family dinner and wouldn't make it.  He said he would meet with us on Tuesday

We also taught a 16 year old girl "S" she attends another of the churches here in the area.  I thought it went well until she said "thanks for teaching me.  I like you guys, but I'm not sure I'm interested in changing my faith.  I am pretty firm in what I beleive."  She is still planning on attending young women's this week.

We knock doors every day Monday 6-7 and other days 5-7.  Most people are nice, some aren't-but it's all good.  I am grateful for the ones who talk to us. I really like praying with the people who let us say a prayer with them.

(*I had told Rachel that I had heard that when backing out of a parking place the companion that isn't driving has to exit the car and make sure they don't hit anything and I asked her if they have the same rule there.  This was the answer.)
Ha Ha !  Yes, it is true.  I guess that was a real problem and there were lots of accidents-so yeah, they have us do that.

Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,
Sister Fabis

August 4, 2013-The Arise and Shine Forth Package

We sent Rachel and her Companion Sister Logan a package with Breakfast items for the month of August.
Rachel's Favorites-Notice how healthy this is :0)
Love the US Postal Service Flat Rate Boxes!

I made Keychains for Rachel and her companion and a friend
Mandi (friend) is headed for Tallahassee Florida
Rachel's Keychain

Sister Logan's Keychain