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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013-P-day Email

*Rachel told us she was having a very difficult time keeping caught up with her mail.  Almost everytime she writes she mentions that the computer time is cut short because of one activity or another.  And she is not able to write letters any other days except P-day. However she wanted me to post that she LOVES all the support she is recieving.  If she has not responded yet, she will. 

It rained on Friday, just a sprinkle. It was awesome!
This past week I didn't feel well on Thursday or Friday.  I felt like I had a fever.  I took an allergey pill and I felt much better.  I'm glad I feel well enough to go to the BBQ today.

On Wednesday we had a church tour! One of our invistigators "K' came -it went great.  He was going to come to church on Sunday, but he called and said he was at a family dinner and wouldn't make it.  He said he would meet with us on Tuesday

We also taught a 16 year old girl "S" she attends another of the churches here in the area.  I thought it went well until she said "thanks for teaching me.  I like you guys, but I'm not sure I'm interested in changing my faith.  I am pretty firm in what I beleive."  She is still planning on attending young women's this week.

We knock doors every day Monday 6-7 and other days 5-7.  Most people are nice, some aren't-but it's all good.  I am grateful for the ones who talk to us. I really like praying with the people who let us say a prayer with them.

(*I had told Rachel that I had heard that when backing out of a parking place the companion that isn't driving has to exit the car and make sure they don't hit anything and I asked her if they have the same rule there.  This was the answer.)
Ha Ha !  Yes, it is true.  I guess that was a real problem and there were lots of accidents-so yeah, they have us do that.

Lots and Lots and Lots of Love,
Sister Fabis

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  1. Duh! We're going to read her letters home every FHE!