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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Letter Home- Sent August 5 Recieved August 9, 2013

Hi Mom,
I am so grateful for the package you sent me!  I didn't get a chance to answer your questions in the last e-mail so I will do that now.  I like when you send me questions.  It helps me to know what you want to know.
1.  Where do we live and who do we live with?
It's just me and Sister Logan in a small cottage at a Member's house.
2. How much time do I get on the computer and where do I go to use one?
I have 2 hours every P-day.  We got to the library to e-mail.
3.  Are we fed at a Member's Home everyday and do I have to cook for myself?
We have dinner every other day with a member.  We have Elders in our ward too so we rotate.  We have made some dinners at our apartment, like Chicken Alfredo-it was yummy!  For breakfast I usually eat cereal-Frosted Flakes:0)  I'm trying to find some other breakfast things to eat.  For lunch I just have a frozen dinner.  We hardly have anything in our apartment-it's ok though.
4.  Have we started the new church tour and computer program that was talked about on June 23rd?
I know facebook is being used in some missions in the world, but we haven't started that yet.  President Weaver is getting a new I-pad this month, which is exciting!  Church tours we have started.  We gave 2 tours this last week! We have a mission goal of 100!  We need to get more this week.
5. My Daily Schedule is:
6:30     Arise & Breakfast
7:00     Get Ready
8:00     Personal Study
9:00     Companionship Study
10:00    12 Week Program/ On Thursdays we do Weekly Planning
11:00    Lunch/ Except on Thursdays we do Weekly Planning til 12:00
After Lunch we go out to Preach the Word!
4:00     Dinner if we are eating with a Member, if not we keep     working and eat at 7
5:00     Finding-Meaning Tracking
8:00     Go see a LARC (Less Active or Recent Convert)
9:00     Daily Planning-What we did that day and Goals and plan for the next day
10:30   Bedtime
This past week I have had a sore throat, headache, and stomachache.  It kind of feels like when I had strep.  Sister Logan feels fine though.  Sister Weaver knows and might schedule an appointment at the Dr. if I don't feel better soon.  Hopefully, I'll get over this quickly.  I Love you all so much
Sister Fabis

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