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Monday, September 9, 2013

P-Day E-mail September 9, 2013

John and his Wife Ping and Rachel
Missionary Moments,

     Last Wednesday was Zone Conference. It was a spiritual boost!  One thing I want to share is that I learned that we need to live the higher law of charity. I can't wait to study more about charity.  I love personal study in the morning. It’s the best part of my morning!  After Zone Conference Sister Davis & I went to Menchies it was fun!

      Thursday morning was the perfect missionary morning. I did everything on time. I am still on track with reading 5 pages a day with my mission. I love that. After lunch we went to Jason's family's house and talked with them and told them about Stake Conference this weekend.  After we went to see the Had Family. Such a sweet family!  They will be moving and I hope we can help them pack. SERVICE opportunity !

     While knocking doors, we ran into Jessie. He was so funny he pretended to not to be a member.  It was the funniest thing ever!  He wasn't sure if he is going on a mission.  The next day we ran into him again. We asked how he was doing.  I read him Ether 12:27 I testified and shared my testimony. Sister Davis bore her's too. That was a cool missionary moment.

     On Saturday I read 1 Nephi 16:29 " by small means the lord can bring about great things."  I want to bear you my testimony that Heavenly Father is aware of what we are going through. He wants to help us he just needs to hear us ask and tell him what we are feeling. Heavenly Father won't leave us.

     While serving here I realize some things about beauty.  Being beautiful isn't a pretty face, it’s the light you see when you look into a person's eyes. You see how beautiful they are inside. Being beautiful inside makes you beautiful outside.  Everyday in this crazy world they say buy this new mascara make your eyes more beautiful, buy this new skirt it will make you beautiful. Those things are temporal. They won't make you feel happy for long. I have seen true beauty here.

  This week, I want to challenge you to look inside yourself and see what your weakness are. Read Ether 12:27 and write down some things that are bringing you down.  After writing them down and pondering. Ask Heavenly Father to help you.  He wants to hear from you he will help you in HIS WAY AND TIMING. Heavenly Father knows best. He loves every one of you! I love you too!  Remember you are never alone.


Have a great week!

Love you!

Sister Fabis

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