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Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 19th Letter Home

I am sitting at Chamber's Creek Park, we are at a Zone Activity on my first P-day in Washington.  It is a park on the beach-breathtaking!

I am serving in the Tacoma West Zone in the area of Soundview.  I think we are assigned to the Soundview Ward, maybe we serve other wards-but I'm not sure yet:0) I am being well-fed!

My trainer has been out 6 months, she's from Pleasant Grove!  We live 5 minutes from the mission office, so letters and packages can be sent there.  We go every Monday, and sometimes more often because we are so close.  I did get the cupcakes from Adina and Kira, a package from Auntie Lori and Uncle Sam, and I have also heard from Cassie and Sister Miller.  I got your package, I loved opening it up and seeing the greenie theme! 

President Weaver is Awesome, he is so much like Bishop Harris-so loving, caring, and understanding.  Sister Weaver is awesome too. 

This week while we were tracking we visited with a nice man who was Catholic.  He asked us about our beliefs, he really listened-it was very interesting.

We are teaching "J" she is 42 and she has been through SO much.  She has 8 kids, but only has custody of 3.  She knows the church is true and says she "just needs to get her life in order."  She has not even been taught the Word of Wisdom yet, but has thrown out her tea and other things. It's amazing.  Please keep her in your prayers.

We are teaching a few others and finding more to teach.  I have so much I wish I could tell you! I miss you and Love you more than you know!
Sister Fabis

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