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Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 9th-Arriving in Washington


Here are the first pictures of Rachel so far.  The very lovely Sister Weaver (Mission President's Wife) posted these on Wednesday and it was so fun to see Rachel with her name tag on with all of these great missionaries!  Apparently, their flight was delayed an hour, but she said they all arrived in good spirits.  Rachel looks like she survived her first flight (that she can remember)  and I see she is in her FAVORITE skirt that she wore the day she went into the MTC (Thanks Auntie Lori and Uncle Sam!)  ALSO, some good Samaritan  must have helped her with her other giant suitcase and carry-on, Cuz she would not be doing that cute thumbs up if she had to carry all her stuff by herself:0)


We are so grateful that Rachel chose to serve a mission-We love this girl and miss her every day.  However, we know that she is where the Lord needs her to be at this time in her life.  She is the first Sister Fabis in our family line and we are thankful for her service!

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