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Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22nd E-mail

I want to share a few things about my wonderful investigators!

“D” is 13 her half sister is 12 and just got baptized before I got here. “D” knows the gospel is true. Their mom is interested in learning about what the girls know so, we are teaching her the plan of salvation.

“K” is in her 40's she is so sweet! She has been coming to church for a LONG time!  My companion/ trainer has taught her all the lessons multiple times. The good thing is she is coming to church feeling the spirit. Something is holding her back. I don't know. We'll figure it out.

“J” is in her 40's I LOVE her!!!  “J” is so sweet she knows the gospel is true. She told us yesterday she would go on a church tour with us but she fell through. It's about planting seeds.

“K” is So awesome! I'm saying about everyone but its true!  “K” is in his 30's I think.  He got into an accident and the right side of his body doesn't work. He is so cool! Sister Logan and I taught him part of the Restoration. I taught faith and the Holy Ghost. I think I did OK for being brand new. We are teaching him tomorrow finishing the restoration.

“A” and “A” are twins. Their Mom and Dad are divorced but are members.  The boys want to be baptized, but the Father doesn’t want someone else to baptize them and right now he can’t.  I have been thinking of them so much.  It would be wonderful if the Father became worthy and was able to baptize them, but if not, I hope his heart will be softened and let his boys become members like they want.  Can you keep this family in your prayers?

I miss you guys so much! But, I'm bringing you along on my journey:D Thank you for supporting me! I love you and keep reading scriptures everyday and pray! I love you! I want to testify to you that if you read your scriptures and try to understand what you’re reading; Heavenly Father will help you with things in your life. I have felt and witnessed it for myself! This week in family scripture study to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and name 10 things that stick out to you:D  

Have a great week!
Sister Fabis

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