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Monday, July 15, 2013

The First Week!

Rachel and her Trainer Sister Logan

View from Rachel's apartment. That is the Puget Sound out there!

So! Rachel only had 30 minutes on the computer today so I got the two pictures above in my e-mail. Steve got a little letter in his e-mail.  She says the days are flying by in a blur and she will write a hand letter later during the day.  She did say she has had a couple of really bad headaches (she's never really had headaches before) and she feels alittle stressed trying to get up to speed so she can teach.  Oh, I remember that feeling...It can be a bit overwhelming when you first get to the field!

New Missionary Training Thursday, July 11th. Rachel is at the middle table on the right.

New Sisters on the left and their trainers on the right-I hope she ate those peas!:0)

And there she is again!  Wow! we sure miss her.

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